Highlights of Munich


Munich is a gorgeous city with a bunch of fantastic things to see. If you decide to join us on one of our tours we capture almost all of the major highlights of the city, except a couple because they are not in the inner city vacinity. If you decide to check out the city on your own, these are some highlights you should definitely see. 

Marienplatz - The center of town and home of the world famous glockenspiel and where also where we meet for our tours.
St. Peters Church - Directly adjacent Marienplatz, for only 3 Euros you can climb the 300 steps to have a birds eye view of the city. It is also the cities oldest church. 
Viktualienmarkt - A fantastic food market a 2 minute walk from Marienplatz where locals descend to purchase their fresh veggies, meats and cheese's.
Isartor - One of the 4 gates that used to surround old town, a block away from our offices and a 5 minute walk from Marienplatz
The Isar River - Clean, gorgeous and runs straight from the Alps. The locals use it as our beach. Swimming is great. Grabbing an inflatable dingy and slow rolling back to the city is a famous pasttime for us locals while drinking in the sun all day. Nudity along the beach is also totally legit.
Deutsches Museum - The first of its kind and the largest in the world museum dedicated to science and technology. One of the coolest museums you will ever see!
Müller'sches Volksbad - For a small entry fee, it is one of the local spa, sauna and baths which are plentiful in the city. Germans love their spas! 
"The Beach" - The local spot to catch some sunrays directly in the city on some mildly rocky terrain. You have to make do with what you have.
St. Lukas Church - The first Protestant church built in the late 1800's
Maximilianeum - Originally the home for "Gifted Bavarian Students" and is now home to the Bavarian State Parliment. 
Friedensengel - Or the Angel of Peace (which also has a sister statue up in Berlin)
Bavarian National Museum - A nice museum, but probably not our first recommended museum to check out if museums are your thing. 
Munich River Surfers - An absolute must see on the fringe of the English Garten. The surfing community in Munich is large and in the summer time the spot is booming with locals and tourists. Just make sure you know what you are doing if you are brave enough to jump in for a try. It's not the same as ocean surfing.
Haus Der Kunst - An art museum which designed by Hitler and Paul Troost. Unscathed from the war, it has been preserved in its natural form. Hosting different art works from around the world (which hopefully Hitler is turning in his grave somewhere)
The English Garten - Munich's local playground. You want to spend some time here if you have any free time in Munich (if its a nice day). There is a small body of water to swim in, you can have open alcohol containers, you can get naked in the nudist meadow, home of the 2nd largest beer garden in the world, a great beer garden on a small "lake" where you can rent padle boats. It's the place to be in the summer! 
Chinese Tower - In the English Garten - 2nd largest in the world and a great place to have a Maß or two in the sunshine.
Universität - The main university in Munich which has over 50k registered students and is one of the oldest in Germany. 
Siegestor - Victory Gate - A war memorial and our local arc de triomphe
Schwabing - Actually older than the city of Munich is now home to a trendy area filled with bars and restaurants
Pinakothek - The Alte & Modern art museums host a variety of Art and is one of the oldest galleries in the world
Königsplatz - Modeled after the Acropolis in Greece. Its European Neo-Classicism style is another gorgeous piece in the city. It was also a hot-spot for Third Reich activities.
Hopfgarten - The gardens behind the Royal Residence which used to be home of the Royal Family The Wittelsbach family. 
The Royal Residence - The former royal palace of the Whitteslbach family monarchs. Now a museum and definitely worth checking out if you have the time.
Odeonzplatz/Field Marshall's Hall - The largest main square in the city next to Marienplatz. 
Theatinerkirche - "The White Church" Even if churches are not your thing, we recommend poking your head inside this one. Not like any other catholic church you're bound to see in your travels.
Max-Joseph-Platz - Another gorgeous square in the center of town and home of the National Theater of Munich. 
The Hofbräuhaus - The world famous beerhall and Royal Beer founded in 1589 has been a tourist attraction for well over a 150 years in its current location. It is a "must have a beer here" on your travels (even if it is just one)! It's a tiny taste of kind of what Oktoberfest is like (even though there is nothing quite like Oktoberfest)

Other highlights we do not capture on our tour include:

Olympic Park - Home of the 1972 Olympics. Also home of the Olympic Stadium, communication tower (great view of the city), a gorgeous small lake, Ice sports center, huge swimhall and the hippy festival in summer called Tollwood (definitely worth checking out)!
Nymphenburg Palace - The summer residence of the Whittelsbach family.
Dachau Concentration Camp - The first concentration camp opened by the Nazi's in 1933. It is well worth doing a guided tour of this memorial site. We recommend on of our partners, "In Their Shoes". 

No matter how much time you have in Munich, you can easily spend a few days here along your travels and explore a lot of this great city. We cover the majority of these highlights on one of our tours.  



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