Terms and Conditions

Service Provider: The Tour Company Munich
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The Tour Company Munich. Our tours operate on a high season schedule (for further information of which tour operates when, please check each tours individual section. 

Participation in the activities provided by the Tour Company Munich is subject to the to the following terms and conditions:

Scooter Tours

  1. The Scooter Tours will take place in reference to the information provided in each tour description section. Sometimes we need to adjust the tour schedule depending on certain things that are out of our control, on the decision made by the tour guide in conjuction with our company policies.
  2. The Tour Company Munich will provide clients with a scooter, a tour guide and helmets. Each unit will be in perfect working condition and which must be returned by the customer in the same condition at the end of the tour.
  3. Participants will be lead during the tour by an English or (upon request) German speaking professional tour guide.
  4. If a scooter tour does not reach our minimum number participants (2 persons), clients will be offered to come at an alternative time, if feasable or be offered a full refund for the tour.
  5. Should the tour not be able to take place in the case of bad (at the descretion of the tour guide) weather conditions or other situations beyond our control, The Tour Company Munich reserves the right to cancel the tour due to safety concerns. Should the tour not go outm a full refund will be given or the client can choose to come at an alternative time or date.
  6. Clients that participate in our tours are responsible for their own actions. Should any damage to our scooters, or to a third parties property or themselves, the client is responsible for their own actions, and any claim for damages; The Tour Company will not be held responsible and all rights to claim agains the company are waived. Participants must meet at the agreed excursion meeting point. In the case of a no-show the full cost or any pree-payment made for the tour will not be reimbursed. Clients must also adhere to the following:
    1. they are able to ride safely;
    2. respect the rules of the law (as the tour guide will state) and The Tour Company Policies
  7. Clients participating in any of our tours are required to utilize common sense, respect locals and local authorities, respect the equipment of The Tour Company's
  8. The Tour Company waives all claims & accepts no liability for damage caused be participants to, third parties and/or equipment caused during our tours.
  9. The Tour Company assumes no responsibility for loss stolen valuables or other items during our tours. Munich is extremely safe, but you should make sure your belongings are safe. 
  10. Participants will be held responsible for any damage to the equipment provided to them with the exception of mechanical failures, which of course are not the fault of the client. We reserve the right to assess the damages made and evaluate the damages appropriately. 

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