Salzburg and Eagles Nest Tour Itinerary


EaglesnestThe hills are alive with the sound of Music! What a gorgeous little town and birthplace of the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. We depart from your hotel at 8:30am, with a short drive through Munich to the autobahn. En route to Salzburg we have two destination choices to stop by which is either Berchtesgaden or Herrnchimsee Castle (another one of Ludwig II castles besides Neuschwanstein amongst a few others). Both are great places to stop but the choice is up to you of course. Berchtesgaden/Eagles Nest is definitely the more popular option. 

konigseeIf you choose to stop at Berchtesgaden/Eagles Nest, we first head to stop at Königsee to stretch our legs and if you want, a nice little ferry ride along the lake which we recommend. This will occupy our time until lunch where we stop for a nice Bavarian meal (or something else of your choice). 

salz3After lunch we would head to the Eagles Nest to give you that beautiful panoramic view of the valleys below and sights of Königsee and Salzburg. “Eagle’s Nest” was the name used by the Allies, but it was known by Germans as the “Kehlsteinhaus.” It sits upon a mountaintop in one of the most gorgeous regions of Bavaria, overlooking the village of Berchtesgaden. At the top, there isn't a whole lot to see as the Eagles Nest building is now just a restaurant, but the views are breathtaking on a clear sunny day. We do suggest that should the weather not cooperate with us, to skip going up to the top and head straight over to Salzburg. 

salz1Once we arrive in the picturesque town of Salzburg we will have a nice walking tour around old town and give you an opportunity to take some photos. The gardens are gorgeous and walking to the base of the Salzburg fortress is also quite nice. Generally with so much packed into the day we do not have time to go up to the top of the fortress but if it is something that you would like to do, please let us know so we can tailor the trip accordingly. Hellbrun Castle (with the famous Gezebo from The Sound of Music) is also a nice stop with gorgeous gardens. We are quite flexible with any decisions you would like to make and if we can make it happen, we definitely will. 

Whatever you decide, we are more than happy to help with any of your requests so long as they are feasable. We want to make sure this is a day that you will never forget! If you would like more information about this tour, or to book this tour, please email us! We look forward to hearing from you! 





TOUR START TIME: 8:30 AM (recommended)

TOUR MEETS: At your hotel


1-2 Persons - 450€
3 Persons - 485€
4 Persons - 555€
5 Persons - 590€
6 Persons - 625€
7 Persons - 660€
8 Persons - 695€

For booking or further information please contact us first before using the booking system to confirm dates and availability.

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TOUR INCLUDES: Tour Guide/Driver, Vehicle, Petrol, Parking

TOUR DOES NOT INCLUDE: Entry into Castles or Exibits, Food, or Guide Gratuity (If they are deserving of it which they surely will be). 

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