Third Reich Walking Tour


thirdreich3rd reichTake a deeper look into one of the most horrific times in modern history. Munich is the place where it all began. Hitler's Nazi Party rose to power in 1933, but 10 years before that, his first attempt to sieze power was in Munich in 1923. 

There is so much information about the Third Reich the tour could literally take days, but this is an in depth brief overview of the most significant moments during the regime and the snowball effect which started with Hitler's rise to power, the beginning of the war and what led to the extermination of six million Jewish people in europe.

The Dachau concentration camp which resides in north western Munich and opened in 1933, was a model for all future concentration camps built by the Nazi's. We highly recommend a tour to The Dachau Memorial Site as there is too much information to absorb by just a headset or wondering around on your own. 

This tour is led by a Third Reich enthusiast that really knows his stuff. This tour is only available as a private tour.  


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