Private Car/Van Tours of Munich


olympicIf you are wanting a city tour of Munich by car, we can certainly make those arrangements for you. Maybe you only have a short lay-over, or you have very limited time in which to see the city, or you are unable to walk long distances or you are just plain lazy (we don't judge). No matter what the case is, we can accommodate a nice city tour in a nice car/van, depending on your group size. 

konigWe recommend a minimuim of 2 hours, 3 hours being optimum, to be able to capture a lot of different highlights of the city. Naturally with a car there are some places we cannot reach, but we can certainly add things in that are not able to be captured on most of our other tours. 

bmwWe will either use our BMW 3 series station wagon or our VW T5 Bus and your tour guide will provide you with great insight into the city and history of Munich during your limited time. 

nyphemPrice starts at 125€ per hour for the first two hours (two hour minimum requirement) and 75€ per hour after that. 3 hours is a sufficient amount of time to cover all the highlights of the city and our recommendation.

If you would like further information about a private car tour of Munich or, please EMAIL US



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