Private bike tours of Munich


bike1Munich is arguably one of the most bike friendly cities in the world. The bike path infrastructure in the city is impeccable and the innercity highlights are certainly easier to reach and we are able to cover more ground and see more things while we are on bikes. Our suggested itinerary for the bike tour is roughly 3.5-4 hours with a stop in the second largest beer garden in the world, The Chinese Tower, which is a great place to have some fantastic Bavarian Food (if your group is underage, do not worry they have other drinkables besides beer). Almost necessary in the summer months to engross yourself in the local Bavarian culture, if the weather cooperates. 

bike3For the bike tour, we meet you at our meeting point in Marienplatz and go through some of the important 1000 years of historical highlights. From there we head off to pick-up our bikes. The walk to the bikes is only 2 minutes away which is nice and convenient. Once we get everyone sattled up on their pony's we depart for a nice cruise through old town stopping at the highlights and learning the history behind it all. We do a nice ride through the English Garden before stopping for Lunch/Dinner at the beer garden. 


After lunch we ride out of the gardens towards the world famous river surfing, which everyone gets a kick out of. After that we ride along the Isar river which is a great way to unwind the tour while stopping at a few more historical landmarks. The last bit of the tour takes roughly 1 hour from the beer garden back to where we drop the bikes off. 

We can generally accommodate any group size but please email us for availability before booking a deposit for the tour. 

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