The Midday Stroll Walking Tour


mariensauleWe have timed this tour to fit into the scheduling of the Dachau Tour in the morning as well as the Beer Tour in the evening. If you are looking for the Ultimate Day in Munich, check out our package deal where we encompass the option for Dachau in the Morning, walking tour in the afternoon and/or the beer tour in the evening. If you have one day in Munich, it’s the ultimate way to spend it without wasting any time because we know your time is precious.

frauenThis tour meets at 3pm from our walking tour meeting point. This tour covers almost all of the old town historical sites with one of our fantastic guides. Engross yourself in the history and stories surrounding the 1000 years of Munich’s history as well as some Third Reich history (we know it’s a popular subject but we cover everything on this tour not just the Third Reich otherwise we could just talk about Nazi stuff all day).

We can also offer you and your party a private walking tour if that is of interest.

tina2Some of the highlights we capture on this tour:

Royal Residenz
River Surfers
Isar River

Walking Tour FAQ's

Absolutely not. We always have enough space to accommodate anyone that would like to join us on our tours! For our Twilight and a Beer tour, it would be good to book in advance so the tour guide knows how many beers to bring along :)
Virtually they are all the same tour, however, on our twilight and a beer walking tour, you get a free beer and we walk thoughout the city with a nice cold beer!
Then we embrace the liquid sunshine! We are flexible for you to change your tour time to any other time that we offer.



Cruise and then Booze Combo Package

TOUR DATES: June 1st - August 31st


TOUR OPERATES: Friday, Saturday, Monday

TOUR START TIME: 10:00 AM - E-Scooter Tour
TOUR START TIME: 6:45 PM - Size Matters Beer Tour

TOUR DURATION: 3 Hours & 4 Hours (respectively)

ADULTS: 39,99€


Night City Walking Tour Including Beer!

TOUR DATES: June 1st - September 1st

TOUR OPERATES: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday



TOUR MEETS: HERE Fish Fountain in Marienplatz

More information about this tour HERE

ADULTS: 18 € 
STUDENTS (aged 16-24): 14 €

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