Our Tour Guides


matty2013 2  Matt, has been doing tours of Munich for nearly a decade. Matt has been backpacking for over 15 years on and off. After spending years on the road, living in Canada, England & Australia he decided to make Munich his home. He hated wearing the suit and tie and got caught up in living the life! He is a water baby and if you end up on his tour, chances are he's going to try to convince you to jump into the Eisbach! When winter hits he's on some mountain boarding the days away. He is a die-hard hockey fan (Go Canucks Go!)… it is his religion. Travelling has been the one passion he's found in life and loves to be able to share his passion with the people he meets.

Our resident tour guide Richard (aka Baby D) wants to live in a world filled with unicorns, rainbows and fairy dust. Spawned in the beautiful city of Worcester - England, yes, that's where the sauce comes from. When Richard isn't sat by the Isar eating brez'n and obatzda he can be found cycling through the Bavarian countryside. Having lived in Munich for over three years his knowledge and most of all his love for this beautiful city will have you smiling from ear to ear!

 chrisrich  You may recognize him from Scary Movie as the character "Doofie". The only Aussie that hates vegemite, Chris comes from a little beach town north of Sydney. He had been 3 years splitting his time between Edinburgh and Munich before finally settling here. He is passionate about this city, the lifestyle, the culture and the general atmosphere of Munich. He loves sharing this passion. After a tour with Chris, you will see all the great sides of this charming city and why he loves it so much. Yes it is true, he does drink beer mixed with lemonade  but don't let this deter you! His easy going nature is a perfect fit with the team. In his spare time he likes to hold hands and talk about feelings.


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